Basic Supplies for Watercolor Workshops
*These are just "bare bones" supplies to use until you decide if you like watercolor. They can be added to later. Bring any supplies you already use . These are what I use.
Three brushes:( 1 each)
Look for watercolor brushes...synthetic or blends work well...the finer sable ones are expensive and not necessarily easier to use.
3/4 inch or wider.  I like the Winsor Newton brand with clear plastic handles)
# 10 or #12 or larger
Any size..used for fine lines
  • I use  tube colors... usually Winsor Newton and Holbein brands . They are quality, consistent vibrant colors. There are may good brands, but I do not suggest you invest money into the inexpensive student grade colors (such as Academy by Grumbacher or Cotman by Winsor newton)as they as they have a lot of filler and are diluted, and grayed making vibrant color impossible . Therefore I suggest just a few tubes, from which most other colors can be mixed.
   *I usually order online as Craft stores, etc have usually only small tubes and more expensive.
Reds: (These are warm and cool versions of each..for different uses ) 
Alizarin Crimson 
Cadmium Scarlet
Permanent Rose
French Ultramarine Blue  
Winsor  (or Prussian)
New Gamboge or auerolin
Winsor green
raw sienna
burnt sienna
For flower painting I like : These are not necessary, just fun colors
Winsor Newton Quinacridone Magenta
Holbein Greenish Yellow
Holbein Quinacridone Gold
****Look for a large , white,  rectangular one with lid..this is important. Paint can be used for a long time after squeezing into palette if kept closed... (wait to fill palette if you are a beginner)  until first class. If in doubt feel free to email me . This type of palette is not expensive..ranges from $10.00 to 30.00..(main feature needed is a lid) Pictured one below I use for traveling.
I recommend D’Arches 140 Lb cold-pressed paper natural..not Bright White if possible to find ( 1 sheet 22” x 30” ) Not in a tablet form. We will tear into smaller in class.
Paper towels (I like Viva brand )
water container ( I recommend a  low flat plastic  one such a refrigerator storage or ice cream containers.)
Sea Sponge
pencil ( I use mechanical one) Any  #2 office will do.
small spray bottle ( such as travel size hair spray bottle)
Note book
masking tape  
I use ,, , Binders
** Please feel free to call or email me before class to discuss supplies.
252 917 1260

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