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Artist Statement



Artist Statement

I love color!

My art career began painting commissioned oil portraits of Victorian Bed and Breakfasts in and around the Cape May, NJ area. These were very tight, realistic renderings requiring months to complete. Then I discovered the joys and terrors of watercolor with all  of it’s rules  and freedoms!  As my experience grew, I became more aggressive with strong colors transitions and unusual combinations while still working in a representational manner.


Floral themes and architectural settings became my favorite subjects. A trip to Hawaii spurred a series of large single floral works. English street scenes, cottages and gardens observed while traveling became then another body of work. Much the same can be said of subsequent trips to Venice, Tuscany and Ireland. I am thrilled with a new direction into abstract expressionism!


Detailed drawings limit my personal creativity. I delight in the development of a subject, frequently adding items from other  sources or photographs as needed for balance, contrast, etc.  I use many photographs to complete one painting while  incorporating the best parts of each. During  the process, I often change the color temperature or lighting as I work rather than copying a photograph, so very seldom does the finished painting end as it started ! If not pleased with “finished” work, I will often glaze entire piece with colors to change it’s “feel”, or scrub off large parts and repaint. Once satisfied, I will then do a series of the  subject until deciding how it can be shown in the most exciting and painterly way. The large images I paint require the viewer to stand back to appreciate the integration of my various techniques.


A capstone to this wonderful art career with it’s many experiences has been my love of teaching.  Watercolor is so rewarding when one allows the paint to work for you, My goal is to dispel the fears of the watercolor medium and help students open the right brain of creativity.


Linda Griffin


Linda Griffin

Her early success was in painting realistic oils. She began showing her work on the boardwalk in Cape May , New Jersey where she received commissions for paintings of the victorian bed and breakfasts for which Cape May is known. She then continued selling in  shows, and  receiving awards, until she became part of a co-op gallery in Occoquan, Virginia. Soon she opened her own studio/gallery Waterside Watercolors where she sold her work, taught classes and conducted workshops for 8 years.

She moved to NC in 2002